Participation in research projects

1. 2022-2026: ANR project "EFFI" led by A.Brouste (Le Mans Université)

Topic: Efficient inference for big or high-frequency data



2. 2021-today: ANR project "HSMM-INCA" led by N.Peyrard (INRAE, Toulouse)

Topic: Hidden Semi Markov Models: Inference, Control and Applications 


3. 2017-2021:  Co-leader of the research project "RIFF-AMIES" with A.Brouste.

Collaboration with the OSMOS Group - Structural Health Monitoring (Paris).

Topic: Developement of the RIFF 2D method with patch


4. 2016-2018: ANR project "CAESARS" led by E. Gobet (CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique)

Topic: Control and simulAtion of Electrical Systems, interAction and RobustnesS 


5. 02/2013-08/2013 : Project "SEISMO FEAR HELLARC" led by F.Vallianatos (TEI Crete)

Topic: Integrated Understanding of Seismicity, using Innovative Methodologies of Fracture Mechanics along with Earthquake and Non-Extensive Statistical Physics - Application to the Geodynamic System of the Hellenic Arc